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123movies is the most famous brand of online movie theaters. At 123movies, you can watch movies and TV shows completely free of charge and without registration. The main advantage of 123movies is that all content is free and that all new movies and TV shows appear as soon as they are online.

Why is the 123movies brand so popular in the U.S. and UK?

It's all thanks to the fact that back in 2017, a group of free information advocates began putting movies and TV shows online for free. Users liked this approach and many began to share information with friends and acquaintances. The popularity of the brand grew rapidly and now if a person wants to watch a movie online without a subscription on Netflix or another service, he types 123movies and the name of the movie into a Google search. This is an unmistakable option to find a site where you can watch the movie you're looking for online and for free.

To summarize, the main advantage of 123movies is that there is no paid subscription and you can watch any movie for free.

How to use 123movies correctly

It's very simple, because 123movies doesn't differ fundamentally from any other site. It has a menu and, most importantly, a search bar that you can use to find the movie you're looking for.

If you don't know what to watch, you'll want to check out the Featured section for the latest releases. The Most Viewed section is where you'll find the movies and TV shows you've watched the most in the last 14 days.

The menu has links to sections where movies are sorted by genre, release year, and other principles. For example, there is a Best 2022 section that shows movies with the highest IMDB rating, that is, the best movies released in 2022.

Information on the movie page

There are certain blocks of information on each movie page on 123movies. The main and basic thing that users come to the site for is the video player. Clicking on the Play button starts the playback of the film or series of TV shows. In addition, there is information about the year of release, the directors, the actors who starred in the film, 123movies user ratings, the number of views of the film and much more. In general, people usually know what they're looking for, so it's enough for them to have the movie title and video player on the page.

Safety when visiting 123movies

Many internet users think that because 123movies is a free movie site, it means that it is illegal. It is not. The site is completely legal because the 123movies servers do not contain any videos themselves. On 123movies, videos are embedded in the player from other services like DoodPlay, Vidcloud, Streamlare, Upstream and many others that provide streaming services for any video.

If you're worried about getting fined for watching a movie online at 123movies (which is impossible!), we recommend hiding your real ipi with a VPN. Which one you choose is up to you. There are a huge number of offers on the VPN market right now, and all are about the same. There are good free options, use them. A possible disadvantage - the video will be loaded a little longer than usual.

Why you should add 123movies to your bookmarks.

  • Because movies and new episodes of TV shows are released every day. It makes sense to go back.
  • Because it's convenient to use the same site rather than looking for a new one every time.
  • Because on our site 123movies you don't need to subscribe or register. All content is available as is, and some sites require registration.